How do I find you?

We meet on Sundays at 10:00 am for worship at our beautiful little country church on the corner of Flintwood Road and E. Democrat  in Parker.  Parking is available on-site.  Visitors are welcome and are warmly and personally greeted by our Deacons and our Pastor.  We enjoy a lively social time in our Fellowship Hall following our worship.  Please see our Staff page for more information about our leaders.

Click on the map on our contact us page for directions.  


What do I need to know before I come to church?

We are a caring faith community of people of all generations and faith backgrounds.  We are a member of the United Church of Christ, a Protestant tradition dating back to the Pilgrims who came to this country seeking freedom, including religious freedom.  Our community numbers about 150 persons, including 30 children.  We host between 65 and 90 persons per week in worship, and we are growing.  It is a perfect time for you to join us! 


We are what is known as a “purple church,” meaning that we are politically diverse as well as diverse in our religious backgrounds.  If you have been to a Protestant church in the past, you will find our service to be familiar in format, but refreshing to you in its message and in its style. Wherever you are on your faith and personal journey, you are welcome here!  We invite you to "Come as you are, for you are enough."  At UCC Parker Hilltop, we exist as a church because we believe the good news of Jesus Christ, that the unconditional love of God, through the power of the Holy Spirit, gives meaning and purpose to life.


Our worship service is comprised of a mix of traditional and contemporary genres.  We use an organ, a piano, and occasionally an acoustic guitar or flute to accompany our singers, our choir, and our congregation.  In every service there is prayer, music and hymn singing, scripture from either the New Revised Standard Version or The Message Bible, an open expression of our community’s joys and concerns, a children’s sermon, and an adult sermon or other message preached by our pastor. Worship is scheduled for approximately 70 minutes.  Please see our Worship page for more information.


We are Open & Affirming—fully inclusive-- of LGBTQ persons and their families. We are also the fifth church in all the UCC to be designated Accessible to All (A2A), meaning we are equipped physically and spiritually to welcome persons with disabilities.


We regard and honor the Bible as our primary sacred text of faith, written by persons inspired by the love of and Spirit of God.   We take its words and its wisdom seriously, but not always literally.  We read the Bible to include all persons as God's beloved children, without exception. Please see Our Beliefs page for more information.


We have an active Missions program, serving the needs of the local community and those of the wider world.  Please see our Missions page for more information.                                        


What is our Mission Statement?

At United Church of Christ Parker Hilltop:  

 • We know that God loves all people unconditionally;

 • We experience Holy Spirit joy in worship and in service to others;

 • We feel included and affirmed in church community and life no matter who we are or where we are on our journey of faith;

 • We invite questions of God, the Bible, and the Church; and

 • We seek through Jesus Christ to do justice, love kindness, and be a part of something greater than ourselves.           


What do I wear to church?

We are a casual community but we respect the sacred. We wear everything from blue jeans to business attire, but we invite you to wear what is comfortable for you and what will help you connect with other persons in church.  Our pastor wears clergy attire for worship. 

Do you have Sunday School for children and a nursery?

We have just brought our children's program back as of March, 2022. We are so excited to have reached this milestone after two years without because of Covid-19.


Our kids are building and creating, while learning about God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, the church, and the Bible. Confirmation Classes are offered at least bi-annually for our middle schoolers.   We have a nursery for our little ones that is staffed as needed by approved adults and teens.  We are a UCC SafeChurch, meaning that we take great care to keep our church physically and emotionally safe for our children.  


How does UCC Parker Hilltop celebrate Communion and Baptism?

We celebrate Communion the first Sunday of each month and on special occasions. Our Communion Table is open to all people (including children) who wish to experience the spiritual and symbolic presence of Christ in bread and juice.  It is a sacred act of the whole community of God's people.  Everyone is invited to participate in communion, but it is never required of any person.  Please see our Worship page for more information.


We baptize persons who are connected within our church community or who are joining our church as members.  We baptize all ages, but we do not baptize outside our community or in the general public.  We baptize persons within our community of faith as a sacramental means of connecting persons to the family of Christ.  No special profession of faith is required or expected at a baptism, and we generally celebrate this sacrament during our regular worship service on Sunday morning.  Please see our HOME (Worship) page for more information.  Persons wishing to be baptized or to have their children baptized must be members, covenantal partners, or regular attendees of our community.  This is a policy of our church, as baptism is an expression of claiming of and by the community.


What Adult Education Do You Offer?

We often have classes Sundays after worship.   We also have special classes and events for both adults and children throughout the year.  Please see our Adult Education page for more information.


What is the United Church of Christ (UCC)?

We believe the UCC is called to be a united and uniting church.  "In essentials–unity, in nonessentials–diversity, and in all things–charity." These UCC values survive because they touch core needs deep within us. The UCC has no rigid formulation of doctrine or attachment to creeds or structures.  Its overarching creed is love of God and love for others.   Please see the UCC links on this website for more information.