Accessible to All (A2A)


On January 11, 2016, we became an A2A (Accessible to All) church as recognized by the United Church of Christ Disabilities Ministries. Below is the Accessibility and Inclusion Plan we have in place.  Please feel free to contact the church office ( if you have a specific need or concern so that we can be equipped and ready to welcome you.




*Intentional inclusion of persons with physical impairments in all aspects of our ministry at UCC Parker Hilltop

*Acceptance by the community and genuine welcome to persons with impairments

*4 fully accessible bathrooms

*Chair lift between Sanctuary level and Fellowship Hall level

*Wheelchair/walker access from driveway

*Reserved parking for persons with limited mobility

*Deacons to help get persons into the building

*Side cuts-outs at the back of the Sanctuary for easy access

*Reserved seating with extra room for wheelchairs and walkers

*Easy access to Sanctuary level restrooms

*Accessible water fountain

*Communion served to persons in their pews as needed

*Chairs and cushions available in sanctuary for extra support

*Easy, level access from outside to both levels

*Parking lot plowed of snow

*Snow shoveling crew (volunteers)

*New industrial size safety mats for icy areas outside

*Preaching re: narratives of disability

*Adult Ed: narratives of disability (films, workshops)

*Serving food to mobility impaired persons at Hospitality hour

*Grace and empowerment




*Acceptance by the community and genuine welcome

*Intentional selection of persons who need rides for Ministry Teams and events

*Weekly rides set up for persons who do not drive

*Carpooling for events away from church

*Rides offered for evening services, meetings and activities

*Scheduling events and worship during daylight hours when possible

*Bible Study, many meetings held right after church

*Grace and empowerment




*Acceptance by the community and genuine welcome

*Protocol in place for persons experiencing emotional distress

        Deacons to recognize and respond

        Comfort person to sit with the person experiencing distress


*Preaching re:  mental health narratives

*Weekly inclusion in pastoral prayer, all-church weekly email

*Adult Education re: mental health narratives (films, workshops)

*Use of the nursery or pastor’s office to hear and see—Time out

*Fidgeting items persons can use in the sanctuary

*Triage Pastoral Care-up to six sessions

*Referral sources in place:  Psychiatrist, Psychologist, Pastoral Counselor




*Intentional inclusion of Seniors in all aspects of our ministry at UCCPH

*Social Bridge game once per month in Fellowship Hall

*Sophias Women’s Fellowship, Grumpy Old Men, Paneras Lunch Bunch, Men’s Breakfast

*Printing of Sermons, Weekly Emails,  and Church announcements for homebound persons or persons without email

*Pastoral visits


*Intentional times in worship for Seniors to tell stories to all

*Preaching re:  Senior Empowerment

*Adult Ed re:  Senior Empowerment (films, workshops)

*Bible Study on the same day as church

*Inclusion of Veterans in pastoral prayer, events, schools, and all-church weekly email

*Hospitality Hour, Tables of 8,  and church events-social connection



*Intentional inclusion of hearing-impaired persons in all aspects of our ministry at UCCPH

*Acceptance by the community and genuine welcome

*Audio headsets for parishioners

*Upgraded sound system

*Requiring all persons who are speaking during worship to use microphones

*Large-print Bibles--both NRSV and The Message, and large-print hymns and bulletins

*Choir sings from the front of the Sanctuary; singers have no stairs to climb

*Close Captioning for films and speaker system in Fellowship Hall

*Table set up for Adult Ed Class in a square for better sight and sound

*All sermons and all important documents are posted on our website weekly and are available in hard copy format and by email

*Large church activities calendar posted outside church office

*Weekly emails with church announcements sent to all persons

*Grace and empowerment



*Intentional inclusion of sight-impaired persons in all aspects of our ministry at UCCPH

*Acceptance by the community and genuine welcome

*Large-Print Bibles-NRSV and The Message

*Large-print Bulletins and Hymns

*Pastor stands on platform to be seen better

*Choir moved from Choir loft so that they sing from the front of sanctuary

*Braille signs on restrooms

*Full size movie screen installed in Fellowship Hall

*Bible Study:  power points and tables set up for easy viewing

*Large church activities calendar posted outside church office

*Grace and empowerment



As of now, we have no persons for whom English is not their first language. We do not have language translators. Given our demographic, it is unlikely that we will have this need.  On occasion we have had visitors that speak another language in addition to English, and we have some persons who are fluent in other languages who can help.




*Acceptance by the community and genuine welcome

*Preaching re:  narratives of dementia

*Adult Education re:  narratives of dementia (films, workshops)

*Deacons to recognize and respond

*Family member or known person to sit with the person


*Empowerment and Inclusion

*Pastoral Care for Families

*Referrals for support:  ALZ.Org, Grief Group at church



*Acceptance by the community and genuine welcome

*Sunday School accommodation and personal programming

*Performances in worship for kids on autism spectrum, BI children

*Trained paraprofessionals who volunteer with children

*Awareness of the Pastor during “Time With the Children”

*Activities all can enjoy, and help to enjoy them

*Confirmation program for special needs teens

*Preaching and “Time With the Children” re:  narratives of difference

*Adult Ed re:  narratives of difference (films, workshops)

*Grace and empowerment




*Gluten-free crackers are served as an alternative to bread at every Communion celebration

*Gluten-free and sugar-free items available at most church social events, labeled




We are an Open and Affirming (ONA) congregation.  We publish this on our website, in our welcoming materials, and on our outside sign.




We celebrate "Access Sunday" each year, with a special offering for the Disabilities Ministries Virginia Kreyer Scholarship Fund

Musical performers and readers who live with disabilities are encouraged to offer their gifts