not your average bible study                       

"Kerygma- discovery and discussion"

Pastor Tracey leads an ongoing Bible study class on Sundays.  This study is undertaken thematically using the book, Kerygma: The Bible In Depth" by James Walther.    It is an old book - dated in parts - but then, the Bible is older! This book is available online at or at  

We explore the Bible and related resources thematically.  We ask more questions than we find answers.  We explore the context of the Biblical texts and we critically examine them using a number of methods.  We have fun; we have lively discussion; we stump the pastor; we challenge each other!  Come join us!

The sessions are scheduled twice per month (most months) after church (noon - 1:15pm).  Participants may drop in and out of class, but the more consistent you can be, the more you will get out of it.  No special Bible knowledge, familiarity, or expertise is needed.

You will want to have a copy of the NRSV Bible or the Message Bible, as these are the two versions of scripture that we will be using in class.  

Note:  Kerygma Bible Study will resume September 24, 2017


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