One person from Council will be the Point Person for each Ministry Team Section.

Each Section is comprised of several focused Ministry Teams.  Each of these Teams has a designated Contact person.

The team Contact person will work with the Council Point Person on matters which need Council attention and/or approval.




Music and Worship – Council point person: Kay Frunzi

Worship Planning – Contact person, Pastor Russ and Kay Frunzi

Sanctuary preparation – Contact person, Rosanne French

Deacons – Contact person, Paul Campbell


Faith Formation – Council point person: Kay Frunzi

Youth and children Team/Confirmation – Contact person, Eileen Enterline

Adult Education – Contact person, Pastor

New Members – Pastor and Administrator


Congregational Care – Council point person: Al Thompson

Care and Nurture Team – Chair, Peggy Campbell

Men's and Women's Fellowship

Memorial Garden – Contact person, Al Thompson

Nominating Team – Chair, ?


Church Business – Council point person: Jan Narracci

Council -Association and Conference; By-Laws review – Moderator, Jan Narracci

Financial Responsibility Team- Chair, Paul Campbell

Covenant Commitment Team – Contact person, Paul Campbell

Pastor Parish Team – Contact person, Melissa Birdwhistell

Buildings and grounds/ Accessibility/Safety – Contact person, Gene Eliassen

Employees/Contractors – Contact person, Pastor


Outreach – Council point person: ?


Mission Team – Chair, Angie Law

Community Outreach - Worship Tech., Web Site, Social Media,

Social Life – Contact person, Shellie Luallin



Music and Worship


WORSHIP PLANNING:  This Team works with Our Music Director and Pastor Tracey to creatively design our worship services.  Musicians and vocalists, and persons interested in writing liturgy and voice choirs—all are welcome to serve.  



SANCTUARY: This group maintains and changes the church paraments and banners to reflect the liturgical season.



DEACONS: This Team helps run the worship services: greeting, aiding, collecting offering, serving Communion, and generally helping the Pastor.  This is a great way to get to know people in the church!

HEAD DEACON:  Paul Vampbell (Acting)


Faith Formation


CHILDREN AND YOUTH EDUCATION: This Team works with the Pastor to create and coordinate Children's programming, including:  Sunday School, social events, support for schooling supplies, participation in worship, and Confirmation training (7th-9th graders). 



YOUTH MINISTRY:  Made up of all youth in 7th - 12th grade and youth ministry leaders, this Team will work to create programming, to present topics to the congregation, in youth missions, including mission trips and local projects, and in planning La Foret retreats, activities, etc.    



ADULT CHRISTIAN EDUCATION: This Team creatively works with the Pastor to design opportunities for adult learning.  Activities have included:   Devotional studies (Kerygma Bible Study, books, films, trips, etc.), Summer Film Series, and Sunday focus workshops.   



NEW MEMBERS:  This Team keeps in contact with potential new members and frequent visitors.  Periodically it conducts New Member Classes/dinners and organizes Member Installations for worship.



Congregational Care


CARE AND NURTURE:  This Team is responsible for the spiritual health of the congregation, in conjunction with the Pastor and Church Administrative Assistant (Peggy).  Coordinates pastoral care visits to hospitalized members, weddings, baptisms, funerals, bereavement support, and after-church hospitality/fellowship hour.  



SOPHIAS (WOMEN'S FELLOWSHIP):   Women of the Church who meet for fellowship, support, common interests, conversation, and mission projects.  

  3rd Wednesdays at member's homes



MEN'S FELLOWSHIP:   Adult Men's interest group(s) for fellowship and service.

  Thursday Zoom Chat: 11:00am; Contact: Al Thompson

   Bi-Weekly Friday (usually) Lunch Bunch, contact Gus Burkard

 CONTACT:  See above - all are welcome


MEMORIAL GARDEN:  This Team is responsible for design, Improvement, and maintenance of the Memorial Garden.  It also handles orders for capstones and inurnment services, memorial pavers, and the Common Scattering Area. 



NOMINATING:  This team is responsible for recruiting and vetting other Team leaders and recruiting members for various teams and projects.



Church Business


CHURCH COUNCIL:   Church Council conducts the administrative business of the church.  It is made up of 7 members, each of whom serving a three-year term.   Persons must be a member of UCCPH for one full year to serve on this Team.

  2nd Tuesdays at 6pm, Callahan Hall


Vice-Moderator: KAY FRUNZI

At-Large Representatives: Paul Campbell, Gene Eliassen, Al Thompson, Melissa Birdwhistell. The Pastor is a non-voting member of Council.


FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY:  This Team includes the Church Treasurer and the Financial Secretary (volunteer positions held by members) to handle money matters, including planning and use of memorial funds.  Persons must be church members to serve on this Team.



COVENANT COMMITMENT  This Team manages and promotes the financial support of the church.

CONTACT: Paul Campbell (Acting Chair)


PASTOR PARISH:  This Team supports the spiritual health of the Pastor and the Congregation.  It meets monthly with the Pastor in a confidential setting to discuss how things are going in the ministry of the church.  PPT is the place where congregants with concerns about the pastor’s ministry may come and have their voice heard.  The overall tone of this Team’s work is conciliatory, with reconciliation being the primary goal of its restorative work.  The PPT reports directly to the Church Council.  Members of the church are eligible to apply to serve on this Team. 

CONTACT  MEMBERS: Melissa Birdwhistell, Gus Burkard, Eileen Enterline


BUILDING AND GROUNDS:  This Team is responsible for organizing church work projects for upkeep and maintenance, lawn care, snow removal, kitchen, painting, etc.

CONTACT:  Church Office


SAFETY:  This Team trains and designs safety systems for the church.



ASSOCIATION AND CONFERENCE REPRESENTATION:   Duly appointed representative(s), along with the Pastor, represents UCCPH at Association and Conference events.


CONSTITUTION AND BYLAWS REVIEW:  This Team is responsible for drafting and proposing amendments to the Constitution of the Church and for writing new bylaws or amending the existing ones. Members should understand process, UCC polity, and some legalities.




WELCOMING:  This Team keeps in contact with potential new members and frequent visitors.  Periodically it conducts Covenantal Partners Classes/dinners and organizes Installations for worship, and staffs the Welcome Desk



MISSIONS:  We have a passion for missions!   Current projects include:  Parker Task Force, Help & Hope Center, Common Hope (sponsor for a child in Guatemala--Ardie & Al Thompson, contacts)     



COMMUNITY OUTREACH:  This Team is Responsible for getting our name and message out in the community.  Maintains website, handles newspaper ads, community bulletins, and opportunities for UCCPH to join in local community activities.

CONTACT:  SHELLIE LUALLIN (Worship Tech), DON WICK (Web Site Admin.). ANGIE LAW (Social Media)


SOCIAL LIFE:  This Team plans social events for the church as a whole.  Records these events with video and photographs.

Includes After Worship Hospitality