2018 mission projects


December - Angel Tree - Bikes for Buckley

A church is just made up of people. Our church really is made up of wonderful and loving people!

Our mission to support the families and kids at Buckley Air Force Base is a great example of who we are.  We never see or know who the families or kids are that we help at Christmas time.  Here is one family’s experience upon receiving the UCCPH bicycles for their Christmas:

For those families receiving Angel Tree gifts, they go to one of the large meeting rooms on base right before Christmas Eve. There, all the wrapped Christmas gifts are waiting for the family to pick up for their children.  In this one case the family had just been transferred to Buckley and having 4 kids, one being a baby, the Mom had asked for help from Angel Tree for their children’s Christmas gifts.  It had been a tough year.  

As she was getting her present for the baby, she was told her other kids 3 bikes would be waiting for her at the door.  She was shocked and said that even though her kids wanted bicycles they couldn’t afford them and to pick some other toys.  However, the First Sargent put in the request for bicycles, and that’s when the UCCPH Christmas spirit kicked in - all 3 kids got the bicycles they had asked for! The mother was in tears as she picked up the Christmas bicycles for her kids.
You can imagine that Christmas morning when those kids saw those bikes. That’s what makes our church so special!


December - Angel Tree - Bikes for Buckley

                    Christmas Fund


January 2019 - Mitten and Scarf drive




March 2018 - 6th Ave UCC Women’s Homeless Initiative (WHI) and 

         Easter Baskets (Parker Task Force)


April 2018 - One Great Hour of Sharing - one of our 5 for 5 ministries


May 2018 - Undie 500 and OCWM - Our Church's Wider Mission


June 2018 - Parker Task Force and Strengthen the Church  


July 2018 - Horseshoes for Cousin


August 2018 - Migrant Kits and School Supplies (La Puente)


September 2018 - Neighbors In Need


October - Virginia Kreyer Scholarship (A2A)


November - Thanksgiving Baskets (Parker Task Force)




Special Offerings listed in bold green are part of the UCC 5 for 5 Campaign.