Who among us hasn’t wished for a world in which lambs could hang out with wolves and adders (snakes) trained as though Mr. Rogers had taught them how to play with children?

This is the world in which Isaiah dreams of a hopeful future; a vision of a reordered creation.

What I’m wondering is, could Isaiah’s talk of a peaceful world come about through our practicing peace and walking in faith?

Our prayers go out to all victims of senseless killing!

Colorado Springs, CO and now Chesapeake, VA

The latest of over 600 such autrocities so far this year! 

No one should feel safe, unitl we ALL feel safe!


We exist as a church because we believe the Good News of Jesus Christ: that God's unconditional love, through the power of the Holy Spirit, gives meaning and purpose to life.

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Sunday Dec. 4 - 10 am

We are IN PERSON and on ZOOM.

Wishing you a Blessed

2nd Sunday in Advent - PEACE


Scripture: Isaiah 2: 1-10

Reflection: "Shalom!"

Interim Pastor Rev. Olive Hinnant

  We look forward to seeing you!

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