We exist as a church because we believe the Good News of Jesus Christ: that God's unconditional love, through the power of the Holy Spirit, gives meaning and purpose to life.

Come as you are, for you are welcome here!

SAVE THE DATE:  Oct. 9th

Special Congregation Meeting

Search Team Commissioning


Sunday Oct. 2 - 10 am

We are IN PERSON and on ZOOM

Liturgy: Luke 17:5-6

Sermon:  "Simply Living"

Do you ever wish you could drive through a fast-food place and say, “Supersize My Faith?”

That’s what the disciples are asking Jesus. He tells them the smallest seed, a mustard seed, is all the

faith they need. We often don’t think we have enough faith. What if the simple acts of living

were exercising our faith muscle?

Today we will be sharing the simple gifts of wheat and grapes to celebrate

Communion with Christians around the world.


Interim Pastor Olive Hinnant

  We look forward to seeing you!

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