Sermon Brief

’m sure you’ve seen a sign or wall art that says “Bless this Mess”. We had one over the dining room table when I was growing up. I thought it was very apt for some of our table discussions. We see the word “Blessed” a lot these days on bumper stickers, hashtags, license plates and wall art. We have a general idea of what it means to be blessed, but when you listen to Jesus talk with his disciples on the hillside, “blessed” takes on a whole new meaning. Come, listen and let’s talk about what a blessed life is together.


Our prayers go out to all victims of senseless killing!

600+ such autrocities in 2022 alone.

2023 has NOT started well! 

No one should feel safe, until we ALL feel safe!


We exist as a church because we believe the Good News of Jesus Christ:

that God's unconditional love, through the power of the Holy Spirit,

gives meaning and purpose to life.

Come as you are, for you are welcome here!



We are IN PERSON and on ZOOM.

Sun. Jan. 29 - 10 am

Matthew 5:1-12

"The Blessed Galaxy"

Interim Pastor Rev. Olive Hinnant

  We look forward to seeing you!

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