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Bring a book and borrow a book!

1. Wipe down your book, CD, or DVD with a disinfecting wipe;

2. Remove any of your identifying information from the book (name, telephone number, etc.);

3. Bag it in a closeable or ziplock-type baggie.

4. There is not enough room for you to bring a whole bunch of books, CDs, DVDs, so just bring one and take the same away;

5. If the library is out of room, please do not leave the book on the ground or on top of it or on the bench or patio--just put it back in your car and try another day. No one is tending to the library to clean up after you or others who leave the books lying out exposed;

6. Please make sure the books, CDs, or movies have some redeeming social value--no porn or x-rated, racist, sexist, anti-GLBTQA, ridiculously violent, political, satanic, or heavy sexual content. 
Litmus test for sharing your book, film, or music: Could this book be read aloud in our church or in adult education class? Could this CD or DVD be heard /seen at our church or in the adult education class?




New Weekly Office Hours on Zoom: Wednesdays, beginning April 8th, from 10-noon.  Sign up for private pastoral conversations during these hours with Pastor Tracey by emailing her.




Pick three people out of the church directory: 


It's suggested you pick one you know well, one you know but not well, and one you don’t know at all.  Call them, or email them, text them, or send them a card.  In our WHY Teams we are asking ourselves, “What do I need?” and then “What can I offer?”  This seems to be a good model for your contacts with others. 


Consider dropping food off:

Parker Task Force or Help & Hope Center and other food banks need extra support right now.  Drop off non-perishable groceries (in bags please) to Bob and Holly Jay, or Shirley Wick, for Friday deliveries to the Help & Hope Center Food Bank.  


Help & Hope wishes for toiletries, especially feminine products.





8th Annual
Hilltop Art & Music

Favorite Books

Here is the beginning of a collection of books recommended by church partners:

Convictions - Marcus Borg
Falling Upward - Richard Rohr 

 An Altar in the World - Barbara Taylor
The Essential Things that I Have Learned about Life - Kushner
Stealing Jesus - Bruce Bawer
Giving Thanks - M.J. Ryan
Without Buddha I could not be a Christian - Paul Knitter

The World of Biblical Israel - C. R. Chapman (A "Great Courses" CD)

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