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Pastor Tracey says, "Hello, Class! I am reviving our Adult Education class, Living the Questions 2.0!  Sundays, starting 20 mins after the worship service ends, beginning this Sunday [March 29, 2020]!  No new zoom code-just stay connected after the service, get your coffee and a snack, and I will announce the start time when the worship service is done. Class will be 75 minutes."

Pick three people out of the church directory: 

It's suggested you pick one you know well, one you know but not well, and one you don’t know at all.  Call them, or email them, text them, or send them a card.  In our WHY Teams we are asking ourselves, “What do I need?” and then “What can I offer?”  This seems to be a good model for your contacts with others. 

Consider dropping food off:

Parker Task Force or Help & Hope Center and other food banks need extra support right now.  Drop off non-perishable groceries (in bags please) to Bob and Holly Jay, or Shirley Wick, for Friday deliveries to the Help & Hope Center Food Bank.


Pray for the people directly affected in myriad ways by this pandemic.  Pray for the people responsible for leading us through this crisis.  Pray for the people locked down in Italy and for the people of Europe.  Pray for all people who serve others - health care workers, police, firefighters, and EMTs, people manning testing centers, restaurant workers, grocery store workers, and National Guard.  Think of a few more and pray for them, too.  My fellow pastors and I could use your prayers as we continue to spiritually and emotionally lead and support you in these crazy and anxious times. 




New Weekly Office Hours on Zoom: Wednesdays, beginning April 8th, from 10-noon.  Sign up for private pastoral conversations during these hours with Pastor Tracey by emailing her.



​​​​​​​This the first and second stanza of PRAYER FOR MERCY, by Carmen Schrock Hurst.  You are invited to pray it out loud and know that you are not alone:
Lord, we gather today facing uncertainty, anxiety and fear as the world struggles with the unknowns of Covid-19.  We confess that we are troubled by rapidly changing events and we worry about how the ripple effect of this crisis may impact our own day to day lives and the lives of those we love.

Healer of our every ill, Light of each tomorrow,
Give us peace beyond our fear and hope beyond our sorrow.
We pray now for those who are ill with this virus, and for the families and loved ones of those who have died.  Bring healing to those who are sick, protection to those who are elderly, and comfort to those who mourn.  Bless those who are in quarantine and those who are awaiting test results.  Be near to those who are lonely, grant patience to those who wait. We remember in particular the people of China, South Korea, Iran and Italy.

Healer of our every ill, Light of each tomorrow,
Give us peace beyond our fear and hope beyond our sorrow.  


Favorite Books

Here is the beginning of a collection of books recommended by church partners:

Convictions - Marcus Borg
Falling Upward - Richard Rohr 

 An Altar in the World - Barbara Taylor
The Essential Things that I Have Learned about Life - Kushner
Stealing Jesus - Bruce Bawer
Giving Thanks - M.J. Ryan
Without Buddha I could not be a Christian - Paul Knitter

The World of Biblical Israel - C. R. Chapman (A "Great Courses" CD)

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