Come to this sanctuary, this house, this home, Holy Christ, 
  And let us receive you with lavish welcome.  
  You are the Restorer of our good spirits, 
  The Promise of new life – 
  We pour out our praise to you.  
  Fill this room with your angels: 
  The sound of wind, the warmth of flame, the scent of perfume 
  And fill our hearts with your compassion,
  Not just in this time and place,
  But in all times and in all places,
  So that as we celebrate the great things you have done for us,
  We may also embody the love you give to all.


We confess, Anointed One, that we excuse ourselves 
  from reaching out to those who need your care.  
  We take your words – that there will always be unmet needs – 
  as a reason not to try to meet the needs we can.  
  Forgive us and help us to change.  
  Renew our determination to live 
  as faithful followers, faithful disciples, faithful Christians.    
  Help us to work with you for the well-being of your creation, 
  that the fortunes of all your peoples may be restored.  

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